Floor paints are not all the same and choosing floor paint suitable for your application requires knowledge and experience.
With over 25 years of professional training and experience, Instore Solutions will recommend a suitable floor paint solution to meet your needs in terms of exposure and performance whether it be for factory, production or process areas, warehouses and storage areas, workshops, showrooms or retail areas.
Floor paint is applied to dustproof, seal, protect and enhance the wear resistance, durability and appearance of concrete or cement screed floors. Industrial and commercial environments require hard working products that deliver excellent performance, strength and good resistance to heavy duty, high traffic wear and tear.
Inferior floor paint products do not perform, so Instore Solutions only use leading floor paint brands from leading manufacturers, to ensure guaranteed quality and performance.
The best performing 'all round' floor paints are undoubtedly 2-part epoxy resin floor paints. This is because of their fast curing (hardening), tough, abrasion resistant and hard-wearing finishes. They can also be very chemically resistant. There are also water dispersed, solvent dispersed and solvent free types of epoxy resin floor paints.
Each product has it's own advantages, disadvantages and characteristics - ease of use, 'wet' and 'dry' film thicknesses, finished appearance (gloss, silk or matt) and most importantly performance and durability in different environments - so Instore Solutions' in-depth professional product knowledge, guarantees that the right product is always selected for your application.
There is a wide difference between different epoxy resin floor paint products, for instance in terms of their ease of use, their 'wet' and 'dry' film thicknesses, , their finished appearance (gloss / silk or matt) and most importantly, in their service performance and durability in very different situations!
We have provided durable and performance floor painting across an enormous range of sectors including:
  • Production, manufacture and fabrication
  • Pharmaceutical facilities and laboratories
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Healthcare, hospitals and clean rooms
  • Food and beverage facilities
  • Animal holding
  • Packaging and storage areas
  • Cage and skid wash areas
  • Shower and toilet areas
For expert advice and assistance, please call our offices on 01748 850011 and speak to one of our floor painting specialists, who will be happy to advise and assist you or complete our online contact form now.